On March 2nd, Women In Cloud Accelerator was launched with the Class of 2018 participants. We congratulate and extend a warm welcome to the following companies who were qualified and attended the immersion session:

  • Clever Databases
  • Stylyze Inc.
  • Plantmatch,

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  When we started our journey with Women in Cloud last year,  we knew we wanted to ignite a conversation and drive action around diversity and inclusion.  We had a sense

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Simply Inspired. Amazed.

From all of us on the founding team, we felt like we really did soar. We hoped that we helped all of you to soar too. For myself,

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Thank you for being at the Women In Cloud Summit. This is your chance to network with 300+ potential partners. Women In Cloud Summit celebrates the female entrepreneurs in the tech world; a source of inspiration and support

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The IgniteWA team has been tracking along with the entire industry the Top Tech Issues to address in 2018. But we like to see these as tremendous opportunities that hide behind every perceived issue. It’s about having the

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