The 100 Cloud Commitment Challenge is to rally the business community to advance diversity &  inclusion and create an opportunity to Ignite women-led entrepreneurship and job growth in the cloud!  

WiC is challenging leaders in technology companies, academia, and public service to take the Cloud Commitment Challenge:   Make a public commitment to take an active, visible role in creating programs and policies that empower women to innovate, enable the creation of  women-led companies, engage in women’s entrepreneurial development or create opportunities for STEM jobs for women.

This Cloud “Commitments” can take the form of any program, sponsorship or time commitment that advances women leadership and/or entrepreneurship.


Pledge a “Women in Cloud Commitment” to catalyze successful women leadership,  entrepreneurship and STEM career opportunities in WA and beyond. Commitment ideas include:

  • Organize an accelerator program or commit to mentoring an accelerator track in one or more areas of specialty
  • Hosting a woman in tech hackathon or volunteer to sponsor, host or judge a women’s startup pitch contest
  • Provide a scholarship to STEM education program
  • Create a program to accelerate women-led tech startups to company approved vendor lists
  • Create internal or external innovation programs among many others.
  • Join the Women in Cloud Network. Become the mentor of change.  Leverage your skills to develop the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

Not sure how to get started?  Come to the Women in Cloud Summit on Jan19, 2018 to engage with women-led businesses and job seekers to hear needs, identify ways to contribute personally or to learn how to help your company create programs for women entrepreneurship.   

We announced “100 Cloud Commitments” at the Women in Cloud Summit on January 19, if you want to participate mail:

Cloud Commitment Ideas

Fund Women In Cloud Pitch Competition and Awards

Increase diversity and inclusion (channel, supplier, leadership, employees)

Sponsor or provide a scholarship to a women’s tech skills program

Fund “women in cloud” media campaign

Sponsor Cloud Channel Accelerator

Donate your conference rooms, software or resources for women entrepreneurs

Angel invest in a women-led cloud start-up

Sponsor or provide a scholarship to a women’s tech skills program

Provide women entrepreneurs with access with top 10 influential leaders in your company

Champion a program to accelerate women-led tech companies to be part of the company approved vendor lists

Host Cloud Solutions Focused Workshops with 10+ customers or partners with women tech entrepreneurs

Fund a Women In Cloud Awards Ceremony and more!