Build and grow your company in the Cloud Accelerator Lab. The Lab is an immersive 6-month program to assist women-led companies to start and build their businesses with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft distribution channels.

Why Apply For Women In Cloud Accelerator program:


    Proven Methodologies, Resources and Tools to Grow your Business in the cloud


    Access to Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Go To Market, Investment, and Incentives Programs to build your cloud business.


    Gain access to and learn from industry experts, our selected panel of coaches and mentors.


    Limited to 20 to 30 women businesses per year

Our Experience

  • Deep experiences in Cloud Transformation, Entrepreneurship for Women and Technology Ventures
  • $100M in net new opportunity creation to date
  • Vast network of experts from on-going relationships with leading tech companies, community associations, and government bodies
  • Empowered over 30+ women entrepreneurs to participate in National InnovateHer Competition

Program Benefits

Who can apply?

  • Women-led business, who want to build or scale their B2B solutions using Cloud Computing
  • Interested to grow the business via Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) channel
  • Build a recurring revenue model using Cloud Technologies
  • Interested to develop value-added solutions or services leveraging Cloud Technologies.

The 6-month Cloud Accelerator Lab Includes:

  • 1-day Immersion Workshop + 6 targeted sessions
  • One on One Coaching and Coaching Office Hours
  • 360° cloud assessment by the advisory committee
  • Up to 100 hours of interactive training to discuss strategy, lead generation, co-selling, deal negotiation and pitch preparation
  • Access to free migration assistance to Azure ($1500 value)
  • Selected introductions from our team for investor meetings and pitches (based upon your startup’s readiness for funding)
  • The opportunity to attend exclusive investor events and workshops
  • Special pricing for services from our partners (web services, email marketing, SMTP and more)
  • Travel benefits: Up to 65% off on travel services
  • Access to WiC Network for deal acceleration

Program Curriculum Overview:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 360° cloud assessment by advisory committee
  • 100 hours of personalized and interactive training
  • Introduction to Microsoft and HPE partner programs
  • Cloud development and strategy sessions
  • Funding strategy and negotiation sessions
  • Lead generation
  • Co-Selling preparation
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Pitch preparation

Fees/Exchange Agreement:

We are a mission-driven organization, seeking to build the future together and creating jobs.  In exchange for your participation in our accelerator, we ask you to “pay it forward” through:

  • Sign an engagement agreement
  • A $1000 administrative fee
  • Be a cloud role model. Give back when you can. Be a mentor, advisor, an investor or recruit young interns

InnovateHer2017 Participants

Strategic Advisors

  • Edward Kassner
  • Robert Fertig
  • Tess Conner
  • Karen Fassio
  • Carrie Francey
  • Andrea Shumaker
  • Tom Bradicich
  • Vinay Kumar
  • Jacquie Touma
  • Ram Dutt
  • Gillian Muessig

Contact Information

To inquire about the cloud accelerator lab, please send email to