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Women in Cloud is proud to announce the finalists! Join us on Friday, May 1 at 12 pm PST for a digital pitch event featuring 10 women tech entrepreneurs showcasing cloud solutions for the #CloudInnovateHERxDigital Pitch Challenge.

With this pitch challenge, we wanted to go one step forward and give our audience a chance to choose their best solution among the lot. We are very happy to announce that, among the below finalists, the audience will get to vote for a solution they believe is revolutionary during the #CloudInnovateHERxDigital Pitch Challenge. Register to attend today!

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Top 11 Finalists

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Dawn-Marie Elder


SIPPIO enables Microsoft Teams with calling capabilities globally, allowing a user to work from anywhere, anytime at an economical price point without a committed contract, hardware or maintenance. Customers can opt in/out, up/down and be free of traditional phone systems.

Martha Montoya

CEO, Agtools Inc

Agtools is a SaaS Ag and Food supply chain platform offering real-time data and intelligence to farmers and buyers of over 513 fruitsand vegetables helping them manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce the world’s 4,900 daily truckloads in USA and 62,300 daily truckloads in the world in food waste.

Lori Most

Founder and CEO, Binary Bridge, SBC

BackpackEMR is transforming medical aid from temporary, short-term solutions into high-quality, long-term healthcare. It gives medical teams instant access to past patient medical histories to provide better informed diagnoses and treatment plans. BackpackEMR is then utilized by local teams to follow-up with patients, which leads to better patient outcomes and an empowered local staff. Additionally, BackpackEMR is the ONLY patient-tracking system that shares data among clinic station devices, using a custom-built, peer-to-peer, offline network, enabling a full clinic in any remote village. No internet needed. No server needed. And no more paper needed.

Kiyeon Nam

Founder and CEO, B'zT, LLC.

By wearing B'zT clothing, parents and teachers can be alerted via smartphone when their children wander beyond a pre-set distance (25-30 Feet) in crowded places such as shopping malls, theme parks, large parties and picnics. It is especially beneficial for teachers who have special needs children that are prone to running away unexpectedly.

Geneviève Desautels

CEO, illuxi Intelligence

illuxi Intelligence is a cloud based, hosting and content delivering platform. We also produce, advise and support clients using our business intelligence tools for their content delivery.

Susan Sanders

Chief Product Officer, Velaku

Velaku is a workplace communications and content management solution that transforms the employee experience by revolutionizing how employees find, share and consume content directly in the flow of work.

Marcia Tal

Founder of the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform

The PositivityTech intelligent platform empowers organizations to treat complaints not as a drain on business resources, but as a critical source of information and insight that can create business impact.

Nehal Mehta

President, Co-founder, Rainbow Password, geoACL LLC

Rainbow Secure Note is creating Extremely Secure digital vault for Enterprise and Business Professionals to store, manage their digital assets (data, files), Business Workflows powered by Rainbow Password and Smart Multi-factor Technology.

Elena Blackaller

CEO & Co-Founder, Pagomed

Pagomed helps doctors collect their invoices from insurance companies. It is an all-in-one solution which helps doctors charge their invoices and keep track of their income.

Maret Thatcher

CEO, Argyle Inc.

The construction site is constantly changing making AR alignmentRework on construction sites accounts for almost 30% of labor costs. AR holds promise for reducing rework on jobsites but it’s unusable in practice. impractical for the jobsite. Our tech is unique in its forgiving resilient alignment. After it’s been set up the first time, anyone can open the app and it will automatically find itself. As the environment changes, the app heals and improves the alignment automatically in the background.

Kanupriya Agarwal, MD

Founder and CEO, drbot.health

Patients (Pts) are confused about selecting the right doctor for their specific condition. 66% do their own research to validate the diagnosis/treatment plan. >50% Americans focus on personality and relationship during selection (The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 2014).

Today pts search through online/peer-recommendations/company filters to find specialist doctors -> Suboptimal fit and specificity with specialists -> pt dissatisfaction + high clinical misdiagnosis rate. drbot.health precision-matches patients with the right healthcare providers, using artificial intelligence. We leverage genetic tumor profiling, in a patent-pending matrix of variables never used before, to hyperpersonalize doctor-pt fit, thus enhancing communication and relationship; thereby improving the diagnosis accuracy.


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